Geotrichum Candidum 6 (GCC)


Dosage and pack size

  • Large size will inoculate up to 5,000 litres of milk (10D foil sachet)
  • Small size will inoculate up to 800 litres of milk (1.6D on screw cap bottle).
  • This is a very concentrated mixture. Less than 1/8 drop spoon (or what can fit onto a tip of a skewer) to 8 litres of milk is required. Or one fifth the volume of white mould added.

Advantages of using GCC

  • GCC delivers a slightly wavy, intermediate, white to creamy white surface.
  • It produces fruity, flowery and strong earthy flavor notes.
  • GCC is suitable for both cow and goat milk cheeses.
  • GCC grows quickly on the surface of the cheese as a light white covering. Because it grows fast surface deacidification occurs quickly, so you get faster white mould growth. This in turn helps reduce bitterness and ammonia flavours, ‘leathery/tough rinds’ and slip skin and reduce the chance of contaminants such as black mould growing.
  • GCC provides flavour to the cheese by breaking down the fats and the proteins in the cheese. Flavour development continues once the cheese has been packaged and stored, even at refrigeration temperatures.
  • To achieve maximum flavour in your cheese use Geo 17 in conjunction with a white mould spore. They both provide their own flavours.