Make Greek & Creamy Feta plus Several Additional Cheeses Kit




Every kit purchased will receive a complimentary Black Digital Thermometer valued at $15.

The perfect Christmas Gift for every Cheese Lover!

The make Greek Feta plus several additional kinds of cheese kit has been developed by Graham Redhead, one of Australia’s most accomplished cheesemakers. Graham has taught commercial and home cheesemakers in Australia and overseas for many years. That experience has been used to formulate recipes for this kit that are detailed but also are easy to follow and more importantly make great cheese. The six cheesemaking kits are made from the best equipment and ingredients available. Each of the kits will make hundreds of cheeses.

This kit will allow you to make:

  • Greek Feta and a Creamy Feta – make your Greek Feta strong flavoured and crumbly if you like that style or make it soft, creamy and mild, almost the opposite of the Greek Feta. Choose the option to store your Feta in a brine or vacuum seal for later use or just eat it straight away.
  • Marinated Greek Feta and Marinated Creamy Feta – marinate either or both of your Feta’s to provide different flavours.
  • Labneh, Quark and Cream Cheese – all three of these cheeses are slightly different but made much the same way, they only require basic adjustments to the recipe to give different results. All three options can also be eaten fresh as savoury or as sweets or marinated in your favourite blend of oil and herbs. Or use the heart shape hoop to make a Couer a la Crème, a simple but very tasty French dessert using any of these cheeses.
  • Cultured Butter Milk Ricotta plus Cultured Butter Milk– this is a mild but soft and tasty Ricotta cheese but with a mild cultured flavour, usually eaten fresh and warm or refrigerated for later use. The left-over cultured buttermilk is the same as what you purchase from a supermarket but made with full cream milk but yours will be tastier and fresher.


All these cheeses that you make with this kit are extremely easy to make and do not require any previous cheesemaking experience. The recipes provided with the kit are step by step based and easy to follow.

This cheese making kit will have you making cheese that you can eat straight away and some cheese that you can store in your fridge and eat in a few days or in a few weeks.

The only items that you need to purchase are pasteurized not homogenized milk and depending on the recipe some supermarket cream.

All the cheeses from this kit can be made using cow’s milk, goat’s milk or mixed cow and goat milk. Greek Feta is traditionally made with sheep and goat milk.

This kit will contain the following items:

  • M244 culture x small
  • TPC culture x small
  • Rennet 20ml
  • Lipase small
  • Calcium Chloride 50ml
  • Cheese basket x 1
  • Crottin hoop x 1
  • Heart shape hoop x 1
  • Quark/Labnah cotton draining Bag x 1
  • Syringes x 4
  • Dial thermometer x 1
  • Iodine sanitiser 50ml
  • Mini measuring spoons set of 5 spoons x 1 set


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