Perth Intensive Cheesemaking 2 on 22-23 October (this course is now full)


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Thornlie State High School, Ovens Road Thornlie Western Australia 6108

Saturday 7.45 (for 8am) to 4pm
Sunday 7.45 (for 8am) to 2pm


Intensive Cheesemaking Course 2

This is a technically more advanced course than Intensive Cheesemaking 1. Both courses can be attended independently of each other. However, because of the higher intensity and greater cheese difficulty, some of the basic cheesemaking techniques covered in Intensive Cheesemaking I are not addressed at this course. It is important if you are new or fairly new to cheesemaking that you understand this. It may be more beneficial to attend Intensive Cheesemaking 1 first, make some cheese at home, then attend Intensive Cheesemaking 2. There is also a higher attention given to more technical details of cheesemaking during this course that also flows onto the ripening or ‘affinage’ work that you will need carry out with several of the cheeses that you take home. Day 1 is a very busy day in order to get the necessary cheeses (and yoghurts and butters) completed. The products that you will make at this course are:

Blue Vein: there are many blue vein cheeses styles to choose from. Do you like a light flavored, soft and creamy blue vein, almost like a Brie, or a medium blue vein with more strength in flavor and body or a blue vein that is strong, aged, and robust in flavor? When you come to the course, we can only make one of these styles, but you will be given the recipes and techniques to make each of these styles;

Comte or Parmesan: these are hard pressed styles of cheese that involves rapid cooking of the curd to high temperatures.  The cutting and then the technique for whey off and formation of the curd before hooping is very important for this cheese;

Halloumi: a simple cheese to make and has become very popular in Australia;

Swiss/French style Washed Rind: Wash rind can be applied to many different cheeses. Australians are starting to appreciate washed rind cheese. The key is not so much the making but developing that lovely colored and slightly aromatic wash on the surface. The techniques we use will allow you to make those lovely delicious but ‘smelly’ cheeses with the red, yellow or orange washed rind surface such as Pont L’Eveque, Reblochon, Raclette styles, Stormy etc.;

Creamy thick set yoghurt, Stirred Greek Yoghurt, and Drinking Yoghurt: Yoghurts have now changed demonstrations at this course. There are many styles of yoghurt made in different ways. We will still make a few yoghurts, but we will address how you can make these different yoghurt styles;

Whey Ricotta: Whey ricotta is the gourmet of all ricottas. It is soft, delicate, and creamy. This is difficult to find in most stores.  What a great way to use a product that is often thrown down the sink;

Cultured Unsalted Butter: This is now also a demonstration. We will culture the cream and then work the butter. We discuss whether to add salt or leave unsalted or salt just salt the surface, discuss fully cultured, lightly cultured or uncultured.

Cultured Buttermilk: this is the original buttermilk from our cultured butter, and it’s not like the one that comes from the supermarket carton.

Pressed Lactic Tomme: This is new addition to the course. Ideally a goat milk cheese but works just as well with cow’s milk. This cheese was inspired from one of the cheeses we see on the France Cheesemaking Tour. This is using a simple lactic set curd to make a traditional French Style Lactic Pressed cheese. There are some unique steps not often used in many cheesemaking recipes to make this cheese.

Semi Pressed Lactic cheese: Another new addition inspired by the France Cheese Tour. Ideally it is a goat milk cheese but works just as well with cow’s milk. This is a mix between the Pressed Lactic Tomme and a fresh lactic cheese.  The resultant cheese can be eaten at a few days, a few weeks or a few months depending on the ripening techniques that you can apply.

If you have any questions, please send an email me or give me a call. I look forward to making cheese with you soon.

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