Who is Cheesemaking?

Hi, I’m Graham Redhead, founder and owner of Cheesemaking. I started this cheesemaking business in 2005 and have been involved in the dairy industry all my life. I’m the one who runs the cheesemaking courses in each city, fulfils your equipment orders and takes you on the cheese tours. 

My passion is cheesemaking and there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing someone make their first cheese and the enjoyment it brings them. 

I’ve been involved in the dairy industry my whole life. I remember as a youngster helping my Dad milk cows on our dairy farm and deliver raw milk to our local area. Back then, we delivered raw milk in pints, quarts and gallons straight from the 10 gallon can – that’s when it was legal! I did that up until the age of 20. 

After leaving school, I obtained formal qualifications in Food Technology from Gatton College and then began work in the dairy and brewing industries in Queensland.

I was then employed in the Department of Primary Industries as an advisor to dairy factories. In this role, I assisted dairy plants with technical issues and ran training courses for commercial cheesemakers. 

I also designed and delivered the first ‘Farmhouse Cheesemaking’ courses for home cheesemakers, several of whom have now gone on to establish their own commercial factories.

It was during my time with the QDPI that I was invited to Italy, France and the UK to undertake training and work in artisan cheesemaking factories. 

I’ve returned to these locations several times over the years and my relationship with these places continues to this day. This has led to our current France Cheesemaking Tours where we have exclusive access to these small artisan cheesemakers.

In addition to these tours, I run many cheesemaking courses for home cheesemakers around Australia and I continue to consult with commercial manufacturers.

Cheesemaking also provides a comprehensive range of cheesemaking cultures and equipment and home cheesemaking kits for beginner, experienced and commercial cheesemakers alike. I also share my knowledge about all things cheese on my blog and through my newsletter

I hope you enjoy my site. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here

Happy Cheesemaking! 


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