Discover the Art of French Cheesemaking

(A French Cheesemaking Tour) Graham what a great concept this is – a unique learning experience for home cheesemakers. It was fascinating to see how many cheeses one cheesemaker could produce in a matter of a few hours – crottins, camemberts, tome’s, comte’s, blues, some lactic, some not. Close up, and at times hands on, we learned about the production processes – when to add what, timing and temperatures, as well as techniques and equipment being used. It was possible to establish similarities with home cheesemaking processes and consider how they might be modified or adapted for a better or different result. It was interesting to learn about the regulations under which different types of cheeses are produced and how they are designed to protect the viability of farmers and their cheesemakers.

The small tour group provided a wonderful opportunity to meet and establish contact and new friendships with fellow enthusiasts – a real bonus. As was the opportunity to sample French hospitality, food and wine, visit historic towns and picturesque villages and delight in the great variety and beauty of the French countryside.
As we said Graham – a great concept. However, it was made a reality though the tremendous efforts of yourself, Emilie and Marine in organising all of our cheesemaking experiences, accommodation, catering, additional tours and transport. We really appreciate the long hours that went into the planning and the flexibility that was needed in delivering this very memorable trip – THANK YOU!!! Rod and Linda

The tour was absolutely amazing. I came back with so many new ideas for my cheesemaking and having Graham’s expert knowledge alongside to explain and discuss the concepts was invaluable. The other aspects of the tour were brilliant also, the countryside in that region of France is so beautiful and the food was great. There were plenty of interesting non-cheesemaking activities too and the team (Graham, Emilie and Marine) had everything running smoothly. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in cheesemaking, it will absolutely expand your horizons and have you thinking differently, not to mention being a really enjoyable and unique experience. Kelly

The French cheese making tour far exceeded my expectations! It was one of the best holidays I have been on. They days were long and the mornings early, but how else are going to be there right next to the cheese makers as they are making cheese? We saw everything from the milking of the goats to actually helping to make the cheese from this milk, to a cheese maker using age the age old tradition of heating over a wood fire, to a small scale factory using the most interesting robots to turn and salt the Comté cheese.

I loved the flexibility of activities in the afternoon and the fact that it was so much more than cheese making. There are varied interests in any tour from cultural sights, wineries, food, to bush walking and this tour catered for all of these activities. The trip gets you into small villages and involved in traditions that you would be hard pressed to be part of as a standard tourist. Graham, Emilie, and Marine couldn’t have done a better job and been more enjoyable to share a trip with. I look forward to being a Cheese Tourist again with this team. Sara

“I cannot recommend this tour highly enough! As a keen amateur cheesemaker, you get to experience authentic artisan cheese making and visit villages, towns and have experiences that you won’t have any other way. Fantastic food and wine, a group that is small enough to let you be yourself and great guidance from Graham and his team. As a single traveller who didn’t know anyone else it was a great experience, I would recommend to anyone.” Melanie

In May of this year I attended the 8 day cheese tour organised by Graham. Over the course of the 8 days I was to learn far more than I ever anticipated. The tour was extensive in what was offered, from suppliers/artisan cheese makers, knowledge given freely by Graham and each of the cheese producers that we visited. It was varied in what was offered, packed with many other options (food scenery and other activities). Exceptional value for money and in the process met a group of cheese enthusiasts, all with different levels of experience but all with the same desire to learn more and share their ideas within the group. Most of all I have arrived home feeling that many of the questions I had been unsure about before I came away were and have been answered. A tour well worth recommending. Jan

“Thank you Graham, Emile and Marine. What an amazing trip. I had an absolute blast, met some amazing people, and learned so, so much. And I am completely in love with France now”. Ruth