Discover the Art of French Cheesemaking Tours

The Discover the Art of French Cheesemaking Tours 2024 have opened for bookings. There are 2 tours scheduled:

  • 23 – 30 April 2024 Normandy (1 place remaining)
  • 3 – 10 May 2024 Dijon (this tour  is now full)
  • 14 – 21 May 2024 Dijon (this tour is now full)

To secure your place, see the France Tour Bookings page.

The itinerary for this trip is unique, These visits have been negotiated over several years and are not available to the public. You will have exclusive entry and guidance offered by small artisan cheese makers who are passionate about the cheese they make but also enjoy our curiosity about their cheese. There will be some early starts to ensure we get to the fromageries in time to see the milking and the cheesemaking process.

Additional afternoon cheesemaking visits have also been added to the 2024.

You will see close-up, artisan cheesemakers applying their techniques to various styles of cheeses. This will include Faisselle, yoghurt, fresh and aged lactic acid cheese, Camembert, Raclette, Morbier, blue vein cheese, pressed Tommes and several additional hard-pressed cheeses. You will also see the milking of cows, sheep and goats. You will see cheeses being made from cows, sheep and goat’s milk. We will also see how these artisan fromageries carry out their cheeses’ affinage (ripening).

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Normandy Cheesemaking Tour 23-30 April 2024

Dijon Cheesemaking Tour 3-10 May 2024

Dijon Cheesemaking Tour 14-21 May 2024