Discover the Art of French Cheesemaking Tours

The France Cheesemaking Tours will recommence in 2023. Organising will begin in early 2022. Register your interest by email Graham

Join a unique tour of discovery through France’s Bourgogne, Franche-Comté, and Jura regions, discovering the mysteries of some of the world’s greatest cheese and cheese-making traditions. Immerse yourself in the culture of France in this gourmet tour which is a once in a life time opportunity for anyone who is passionate about making or eating cheese.

During the tour you will experience the delight of authentic French food and dine each night in the best local restaurants and stay in Chateaus, old charm buildings and 4-star hotels.

Learn first-hand the art of the famous AOC Comté, Epoisse, Morbier, Raclette, Blue Vein, goat cheese, fresh cheeses along with other hand-crafted artisanal cheese from the small village fromageries.

This is an excellent opportunity to travel to France by yourself or with partners, fellow cheese lovers, family or friends. Even those who might not have the same acute interest in cheese as we do here at Cheesemaking are welcome. This tour also offers a wide range of non-cheesemaking experiences, so it remains just as enjoyable for those who instead, would like to take in alternative offerings of gastronomy, history, culture and the French countryside and villages.

What makes the Discover the Art of French Cheesemaking Tour unique is the exclusive entry and guidance offered by small artisan cheese makers who are passionate about the cheese they make, but they also enjoy our curiosity in their cheese.

These visits have been negotiated over several years and are not available to the public. Tour numbers are very limited so that the artisan cheese maker can share their craft with us. Some of these cheesemakers are using century old traditions. There may also be opportunities to perform some of the cheesemaking processes yourself. You will also have the privilege to view their cheese caves to see rows of these beautiful cheeses being washed, salted, and aged, and at the end of each visit, you will be able to taste the cheese that has been made by that same Fromagerie. You will come away from each factory visit, enriched with a personal understanding and knowledge of French cheesemaking and cheesemaking traditions.

The eight-day tour starts from the enchanting medieval city of Dijon, with its architectural heritage that goes back to the Renaissance, the Middle-Ages and into the mists of Gallo-Roman and Celtic antiquity. From there we pass through some of France’s most gorgeous countryside: rolling green hills dotted with vineyards, mustard fields and medieval towns. We spend three days in the medieval village Château-Chalon, its 400-meter elevation providing consummate views of neighbouring villages and a rolling tapestry of local vineyards. On the way we stop at small villages and their local outdoor markets, visiting boutique vineyards and cellars with personalised wine tastings, picnicking alongside beautiful waterfalls and heritage listed sites. Our tour journey finishes at Syam, 40km from the Swiss border, tiny rural village surrounded by forests and steep mountain ranges.