130mm HOOP


  • 130mm diameter top and base x 110mm tall, nil base.
  • Will require approximately 3 litres of milk but this will vary depending on cheese styles and yields.
  • This hoop is commonly used for white mould, Blue Vein and washed rind cheese but can also be used for many other cheeses such as Persian Feta, Greek Feta, soft goat cheese and with the end caps and follower added pressed cheese.
  • This hoop does not have a base and is ideal for good curd drainage for camembert and brie. Most of the whey drainage occurs from the base of the hoop.
  • To make a temporary base for the hoop, use a strong rubber band to hold a piece of blue cheese cloth in place over each end. When turning the hoop make sure that you hold/support the rubber band by holding each of the cloths tightly and then flip the hoop. Ideally leave the hoop on some mesh or draining mat to help drainage.
  • 130mm end caps and follower are available to purchase separately if you choose to make this hoop into a pressed cheese hoop. See 130 mm end caps + follower.
  • Made in France of heavy-duty food grade HDPE.

Hint: A soon as the camembert or brie cheese is salted, use a ‘cookie cutter’ to make a 50mm (approx.) hole in the cheese. Ripen both parts as per normal. So, you now have 2 separate cheeses: one a small circle and one with a hole in it.  The white mould and Geo will grow on both parts.