200mm Pressed Cheese Hoop (nil perforations)


  • 200mm diameter x 180mm high, no base
  • Nil perforations
  • Set contains 1 hoop, 1 round disc (base), 1 follower/disc for pressing
  • Will require 30 to 45 litres of milk but this will vary depending on cheese styles and yields
  • A strong hoop suitable for all pressed cheese types eg Gouda, Cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan…..
  • With this hoop set, you get a pressed cheese hoop that also doubles as a large Blue Vein, Havarti, or Brie hoop
  • The hoop does not have the perforations in the image. You can drill your own perforations if required. Drainage via the perforations is not critical to the moisture in the cheese
  • Made in France of heavy-duty food grade HDPE

Hint: For a cloth bound cheese, press cheese is a blue disposable cheese cloth initially then on day 2 add a natural cloth that is cut exactly to the size of the cheese. Dip cloth in an oil or lard and then very lightly press (in the cheese press) the cloth around the cheese for about 1 hour. Don’t press so hard so that it ‘re presses’ the cheese, it is only to get the cloth bound to the cheese.  This method allows the cloth to be easily pulled away from the cheese at maturation, exposing a lovely yellow cheese.