Aroma + Ripening 1 (MS1)


Dosage and pack size

  • Large size (10 Doses) will inoculate up to 1,000 litres of milk (foil sachet).
  • Small size (6 Doses) will inoculate up to 160 litres of milk (screw cap bottle).
  • Dosage can vary. Increased dosage will lead to increased flavour development. It is person preference. Add ½ to 1 drop spoon to 8 litres of milk depending on level of flavor development required. Acidity levels are not affected with increase dosage.

MS1 contains:

  • Geotrichum Candidum;
  • Debaryomyces Hansenii;
  • Brevibacterium Linens;
  • Staphylococcus Xylosus.

MS1 has been developed specifically to enhance and hasten the ripening of cheese. Each of the four ripening cultures on their own will enhance the development of flavour in a cheese.  You now have the manufacturers formulated mixture of these four cultures in one easy convenient bottle.

MS1 can be used on all lactic, white mould, and all washed rind cheeses (soft or hard).