Cheese Cloth – Small


  • Non-stick, reusable, blue
  • 920mm long x 280mm wide.
  • Blue cheesecloth has multiple uses in cheesemaking.
  • It is a modern version of the traditional cotton muslin cheese cloth.
  • It speeds up whey removal by ‘wicking’ moisture away from cheese and to provide a smooth surface to cheese.
  • It comes away easily from the surface of the cheese (non-stick) during and after pressing.
  • To use, cut the cloth to your desired size.
  • Always place the smooth side of the cloth against the cheese.
  • It can be used for pressed cheeses and non-pressed cheeses.
  • It is also used to line the metal or plastic draining racks for standing hoops that have nil bases.
  • For hoops that have nil bases, simply cut a piece of cloth so that it fits over the top of the hoop with an overlap of approximately 50mm.  Place a rubber band over the cloth and hoop to hold the cloth in place.  Do this for both ends. When flipping/turning the hoop make sure that you hold the cloth in  place (do not rely on the rubber band doing this
  • This cheese cloth is easily cleaned in warm soapy water, or washing machine, dries quickly for storage and can be reused numerous times.