Blue Vein Leuconostoc LM057



  • Freeze-dried in 20 DCU foil sachet will inoculate from 1,000 to 5,000 litres of milk
  • Small size will inoculate up to 150 litres of milk and is 1/6th of the foil sachet

Technical name

Leuconostoc mensenteroides subs. mensenteroides


Direct addition to the milk

Benefits of using LM 057

LM 057 is a ripening culture that has been developed to specifically assist in getting more blue veining throughout the cheese by developing gas and opening up the texture of the cheese.  LM 057 also adds a creamy flavour to the cheese. LM 057 is not a stand-alone acidifier culture and is used in conjunction with another primary acidifying culture eg M244 or Flora Danica.