Cheese Press Quick Fasteners


  • Consists of 4 pieces;

– 2 quick release stainless steel brackets/plates,
– 2 stainless steel ‘wedges’

  • The two brackets/plates slide up and down the stainless-steel rods of the press (down to apply pressure up to loosen pressure). There is no ‘screwing’ on and off. The cheese press comes with 2 screw on lobe knobs.  Both systems work but the ‘quick release’ option is faster to tighten, loosen and adjust.
  • The quick release brackets have been engineered to provide a specially calculated ‘figure 8’ shaped hole at one end. You ‘slide’ one of the brackets down the stainless-steel shaft, onto the top follower, to the point where the correct pressure is applied. Then slide the other bracket down to the same level on the other shaft.
  • You then place one of the wedges under one of the brackets to slightly elevate one end of the bracket (the figure 8 hole automatically shifts into place). This jams the bracket in place. Then repeat this with the other bracket and wedge.
  • This will hold the pressure against the cheese until you have finished pressing.
  • If you want to apply just a little more pressure, just press down on the follower and the bracket and wedge will drop down accordingly.
  • When pressing is completed, release the pressure on the follower by turning both brackets sideways.