Cheese Vat – 6 Litre


  • The 6 litre vat is 325mm long x 175mm wide x 200mm deep and will take up to 6 litres milk. The vat comes with a notched lid.
  • If you are considering the 6 litre vat, also consider the 8 litre or 12 litre cheese vat. It is the same concept as the 6 litre vat, not a lot of difference in price, but they will hold more milk. It depends on how much cheese you see yourself making.
  • The 6 litre vat will make up to 6 x 90mm Camembert in one go or 750 g of Farmhouse Cheddar.

For instructions and further information about the Polycarbonate Cheese vats, please read the document below

Polycarbonate Cheese Vat information

*Postage for cheese vat combinations. The purchase price of the cheese vat combinations is included in the complimentary Express Post Upgrade with >$100 spend; however due to the size and weight of the cheese vats, they may be posted using Parcel Post and any remaining items that you have ordered will be sent by Express Post.