Curd Knife – Strung


  • Each stainless-steel curd knife is 110mm wide and 340mm tall. The stainless-steel divider (also a frame strengthening rib) is 170mm high.
  • Each curd knife will come with 5 metres of fishing line or braid (yes, you must string each knife yourself, it takes about 20 minutes and no more stringing is necessary.
  • The stainless steel curd knife is for the serious cheesemaker that makes lots of different styles of cheese or wants to get accuracy into their curd cutting technique.
  • Once the curd knife is strung, ideally you do not want to keep removing the fishing line and restringing it for another cheese cut size. It is to monotonous to keep restringing the curd knives.
  • One half of the curd knife (170mm tall) is for horizontal cuts and then you simply turn the knife upside down and use the other half (also 170mm tall) for the vertical cuts
  • If your cheese vat is greater than 170mm tall then you will require 2 separate curd knives. One knife will be strung horizontally over the full 340 height, and the second knife will be strung vertically over the full 340mm height
  • Each curd knife needs to be set at a cut size that you select eg select a curd cut size from 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm or 25m cut size, basically to suit any recipe.
  • Cutting curd is one of the most important steps in making cheese. These stainless steel curd knives are a smaller but an exact duplicate of what a commercial cheesemaker uses, and you use them in the same way also. They have one curd knife for each different cut size.
  • The two major benefits of using this curd knife are:

– First, is the speed that you can cut the whole cheese vat. It takes about 1 minute. It is  lot faster than using a spatula.
– Second, it will allow you to cut all the curd into an even size which is so critical to making good quality cheese.

  • The curd knives come with instructions on how to thread and tension the fishing line and how to use them to cut the cheese. Both processes are very simple to follow.
  • The curd knives can be used in any cheese vat, big or small, square, rectangular or round.
  • The same curd knife will fit all the 6,8,12 and 24 litre vats by using a front to back and side to side cutting motion.
  • If you use a pot to make cheese, the curd knives are ‘pivoted’ in the centre of the pot and cut in a circular motion