Geotrichum Candidum 65 (liquid)


Note this product is in a liquid format and requires refrigeration and not freezing

Dosage and pack size

  • Large size in a screw capped bottle. The bottle contains 30ml/10D. Dosage at 1 to 6 D / 1000 L of milk (depending on the cheese being manufactured).
  • Small size in screw capped bottle. The bottle contains 5ml/1.67D. Dosage at 0.1ml to 4 litres


  • GC65 develops quickly a nice white creamy color cover on the cheese surface
  • GC65 produces an intermediate (half wavy yeast and half white mould like) morphology with a creamy white color
  • It and produces a delicate milk flavour very suitable for both white mould cheeses and goat, sheep, lactic technologies
  • Geotrichum provides rapid deacidification of the surface of the curd and the enzymes produced by the Geo are an aid to the ripening of the cheese

Additional information

  • Geo provides rapid deacidification of the surface of the cheese to support rapid growth of other ripening cultures
  • Its rapid growth assists in reducing potential contaminants
  • It contributes to the global aroma of the cheese through the production of typical flavours and improves the appearance of the rind of the cheese
  • You only have a small volume. Follow the dosage directions; adding more than you require will not provide any benefit
  • Adding at least one Geo variety to white mould cheese is an optional cheesemaking practice that generates a greater diversity of flavours. When adding more than one variety, the dosage of each variety of Geo should be reduced
  • This Geo can also be used on white mould and lactic curd cheeses. The Geo is especially important in this case as the curd has extra acidity that needs to be neutralised before the white mould can grow
  • Geo is sensitive to salt. For this reason, the Geo is usually added to the milk (recommended) but can also additionally be added to the brine or sprayed onto the cheese after dry salting. For spraying onto the surface, white mould + Geo can be added 0.9% brine solution (9 g salt added to 25ml of boiled cold water) in a spray bottle and lightly misted over the cheese. Do a 2nd misting a few hours later
  • Growth best at 12°C – 20°C

Religious and Dietary Status

Halal and Kosher certified. Certificates available upon request.

Suitable for vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

Suitable for vegan diet.


This product is not, does not contain or does not originate from GMOs as defined in Regulation 1829/2003/EC.