Heart Shape Hoop


  • 113mm long x 103mm wide x 45mm tall with base (straight sides).
  • The heart hoop will require approximately 600ml to 800ml of milk but this will vary depending on cheese styles and yields
  • Traditionally used to make the French white moulded lactic curd cheese, Neufchatel
  • This hoop can be used with lactic set curd such as Chabichou, a rennet set curd such as a camembert, or a soft cream cheese or quark. The finished cheese can be sprayed with white mould and/or Geotrichum Candidum or simply dusted with ash.
  • Made from medium thickness food grade HDPE.

Hint: For that special occasion, sprinkle edible flowers over the surface of the cheese.  It looks spectacular.  The hard part if you use your own flowers is ‘sanitising’ them.