Sanitiser – Iodine – Food Grade


  • Iodine is an ideal sanitiser for home cheesemakers.
  • It is highly effective at killing bacteria quickly, it is gentle on your hands and any residual iodine that remains on the equipment is negligible.
  • The iodine is provided in a very concentrated form, stored at ambient temperature (or even in the fridge for longer shelf life), and is to be made up at a rate of 1.5ml of iodine to a litre of clean cold water.
  • It is important that increasing this addition rate is not necessary or desirable; it is a waste of money, but it could lead to excessive iodine in your cheese and no extra benefit is obtained.
  • Iodine is listed in the Department of Agriculture National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce as a permitted sanitising substance for organic and biodynamic produce. Iodine is a mineral found naturally in some foods including milk. The body needs iodine for  many functions.
  • The concentrated stock solution is very dark brown. It will stain in this form so be precise and careful with measuring out this solution to make up a working solution. The prepared working solution has an opaque very light brown colour, almost apple juice colour.
  • A significant benefit of iodine is that this light colour shows if the sanitiser is still active and working correctly.
  • The correct use requires that it the iodine used as a sanitiser only, all equipment needs to be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed of any detergent (the equipment does not need to be dry) before being placed into the iodine solution. Do not use the iodine solution as your wash solution.
  • Important: allow the equipment to drain for a few minutes after you dip it in the iodine but before you use it
  • Do not rinse your equipment with water after sanitising. Iodine is a ‘no rinse sanitiser’. The residual diluted iodine on the surface equipment will not affect your cultures or your cheese.
  • The longer that you leave your equipment in contact with the working solution the better, but at least a few minutes of contact is good.
  • The working solution can be reused as a sanitiser at the following days cheesemaking session if it is still clear. It will need to be stored in a tightly sealed container overnight. The active iodine will evaporate from the solution if left uncovered. It may stain any container it is stored in.
  • I use a sanitised draining tray to rest equipment on after sanitising and before use.  Even items such as lids, thermometers and stirrers can be placed on this sanitised tray.
  • Persons with known allergies to iodine should seek advice prior to use.
  • This Iodine is not to be taken internally or to treat wounds or infections.