Log Hoop 200mm


  • 55mm diameter x 200mm long, no base.
  • Will require 500ml to 1 litre approximately of milk but this will vary depending on cheese styles and yields.
  • This is a similar hoop to the one used to make the traditional French Cheese Sainte-Maure de Touraine.
  • It is traditionally used for lactic goats’ milk but can be used just as easily with cow’s milk cheese, whether lactic or rennet set.
  • The final shape is a log approximately 10cm – 12 cm long.
  • Make the usual camembert and brie, then after salting on day 2, slice the finished product to get small rings of Camembert.
  • The cheeses can be ashed, Geotrichum ripened or white mould ripened.
  • To make a temporary base for the hoop, use a strong rubber band to hold a piece of blue cheese cloth in place over each end. When turning the hoop make sure that you support the rubber band by holding each of the cloths tightly and then flip the hoop. Ideally leave the hoop on some sort of draining mat to help drainage.
  • Made of heavy-duty food grade


Hint: use a kebab or skewer stick as a support (stop the cheese fracturing) for the cheese.  It needs to be placed into the cheese while the cheese is still in the hoop. A piece of straw was traditionally used to hold the cheese together.