Make Greek Feta Kit


This kit provides a very simple way to get started making cheese. It is ideally suited to someone that wants to get started with a simple but nice tasting cheese. Greek Feta can be made as a strong flavoured and crumbly style of cheese or with a few simple modifications to the recipe you can make it soft, creamy and mild. You can choose to consume your newly made cheese fresh, or you have the option to mature it in a brine or vacuum seal.

Cultures and Ingredients provided in the kit

  • MTF culture
  • Lipase
  • Rennet 20ml
  • Calcium Chloride 50ml
  • Cheesemaking salt 500g

Hardware and other items provided in the kit

  • Basket hoops x 2
  • Min measuring spoons set
  • Syringes x 4
  • Iodine sanitiser 50ml
  • Dial thermometer
  • Complimentary Dial thermometer