Premium Cheesemaking Kit I


The two Premium Kits are aimed at the serious home cheesemaking hobbyist.

Premium Kit 1 contains the following recipes:

  • Camembert
  • Brie
  • Triple Cream
  • Persian Feta
  • Marinated Persian Feta.
  • Chaource white mould cheese
  • Fresh mozzarella using a traditional lactic cheese culture
  • French Neufchatel
  • Creamy Jacki Havarti
  • The 15 recipes from the Make Lots More Easy Cheese Kit.

There are several different cheese cultures provided with this kit. This diversity of cultures will allow you to make literally hundreds of additional fresh and soft styles of cheese, in addition to the recipes that are provided with this kit.

All the cheeses from each of the Premium kits can be made using cow, goat, sheep or buffalo milk. Or blends of any of these kinds of milk.

This kit will contain the following items:

Cultures and ingredients

  • TPC culture
  • M244 culture
  • TPM culture
  • TPF culture
  • Probiotic Yoghurt culture
  • MA315 or MA221 ripening culture
  • Lipase
  • Geotrichum Candidum yeast
  • Penicillium Candidum white mould spores
  • Calcium Chloride Liquid – 50ml
  • Rennet Vegetarian 50mL
  • Citric acid 50g
  • Cheesemaking ash 20g
  • Cheesemaking salt 500g


  • Halloumi Hoop
  • 90 or 100mm Camembert Brie Hoop x 2
  • Crottin hoops x 2
  • Baskets x 2
  • Heart Hoop
  • Plastic Draining Mesh
  • Cheese Cloth Reusable Large
  • Pipette / Dropper x 2
  • Syringe1mL x 4
  • Sanitiser Iodine Food Grade 50mL
  • Mini measuring spoons set of 5 spoons
  • 10 Camembert/Brie cheese wraps
  • Mozzarella stretching gloves 1 pair
  • Mozzarella inner gloves
  • Digital thermometer
  • Complimentary digital thermometer

Additional items that you may consider purchasing