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Every kit purchased will receive a complimentary Black Digital Thermometer valued at $15.

The Premium Kit 11 cheesemaking kit has been developed by Graham Redhead, one of Australia’s most accomplished cheesemakers. Graham has taught commercial and home cheesemakers in Australia and overseas for many years. That experience has been used to formulate recipes for this kit that are detailed but also are easy to follow and more importantly make great cheese. The six cheesemaking kits are made from the best equipment and ingredients available. Each of the kits will make hundreds of cheeses.

The Premium Kit 11 is the middle range of the premium kits and contains additional hardware, cultures and recipes from the Premium Kit 1, including the Make Lots Easy Cheeses Kit.

The cheese recipes include:

  • All recipes from the Make (Lots Of) Easy Cheese Kit.
  • Camembert and Brie Recipe.
  • Persian Feta and marinated Persian Feta.
  • Chaource
  • Fresh mozzarella using a lactic cheese culture.
  • Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Traditional Cheddar
  • Parmesan

There are several different cheese cultures provided with this kit. This diversity of cultures will allow you to make literally hundreds of additional fresh and soft styles of cheese, in addition to the recipes that are provided with this kit. I will provide you with a few sources of these additional recipes.

All the cheeses from each of the Premium kits can be made using cow, goat, sheep or buffalo milk. Or blends any of these kinds of milk.

This kit will contain the following items (contents updated 1 January 2022)

  • Italian and Swiss culture
  • LH1 culture
  • MTR culture
  • PP79 Ripening Culture
  • TPC culture
  • M255 culture
  • M244 culture
  • TPM culture
  • Lipase – small
  • Geotrichum Candidum
  • Penicillium Candidum White Mould Spores
  • Rennet Vegetarian 20mL
  • Calcium Chloride Liquid – 50ml
  • 90 or 100mm Camembert Brie Hoop x 2
  • 90 or 100mm pressed cheese hoop
  • Halloumi Hoop x 1
  • Heart Hoop x 1
  • Crottin hoops x 2
  • Baskets x 2
  • Plastic Draining Mesh x 2
  • Cheese Cloth Reusable – Large
  • Pipette / Dropper x 2
  • Syringe 1mL x 4
  • Sanitiser – Iodine Food Grade 50mL
  • Mini Measuring Spoons – set of 5 spoons
  • Black Digital Thermometer x 1
  • Quark, Curd & Labnah Draining Bag + Hanging Hook
  • Ash 20g
  • Mozzarella Stretching Gloves inner
  • Mozzarella Stretching Gloves Outer
  • 10 Camembert Cheese Wraps

Thermometer Bracket Additional items that you may consider purchasing

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