Salt for Cheesemaking – Medium Grain


  • 1kg
  • Natural sea salt produced in Australia by solar evaporation and then kiln dried.
  • The texture is several times more course than the very fine salt and this will ensure a slower rate of dissolving if added onto the cheese surface. Suitable for addition onto the cheese surface and into cheese brines.
  • It is refined by washing with clean saturated brine to remove surface impurities, drained of excess moisture, dried and mesh screened to approximate size of 1mm.
  • Complies with Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code 2.10.2.
  • Crystal is transparent to white opaque solid.
  • 5% NaCl.
  • Contains no anticaking or free-flowing additives or conditioners. This may cause some clumping over time, but clumps are very easily broken down.
  • The product being a natural evaporite may contain occasional minute
    inclusions of extraneous matter from the crystal growing
    This extraneous matter may manifest itself as
    black specks or a light-coloured material, neither of which is
    harmful in any way.
  • This salt does not have a shelf life in the traditional sense. Salt will not spoil or support pathogenic growth.
  • Premium grade used by commercial cheesemakers in Australia.