Testing Needle


  • 11cm blade, 2cm stem between blade and handle, 3.5 cm diameter stainless steel holding ring, all components are stainless steel.
  • A great piece of equipment for the serious cheesemaker.
  • A cheese tasting needle is used to sample your cheese to find out its flavour characteristics but without making a larger hole that a cheese trier would.
  • It has a specifically designed ‘twisted’ shaft that is less than 2mm thick but reduces to a ‘point’ that is less than 1mm thick.
  • The tasting needle is inserted into the cheese, it is then turned once then removed.
  • The needle picks up a very small sample of cheese at the same time.
  • This sample can be smelt and tasted so that you can make informed judgements about that cheese to determine its characteristics and to apply your cheesemaking technology to improve future cheese production.
  • The needle removes a much smaller sample than the cheese trier, so there is less physical damage to the cheese.
  • The needle needs to be sanitized well before use, hot water is fine, and allow it to fully cool.
  • The pin hole opening around the needle also needs to be sealed by smearing the surface where the sample of the cheese was taken.
  • It is a great correction tool for the cheesemaker, so you can ‘test’ your cheese early in its maturation and make decisions about the maturation of that same cheese and decisions about future batches.
  • To clean up wash the trier in warm soapy water and thoroughly dry.
  • A leather pouch is not included with this product, but it is recommended to keep your trier free from scratches and dents