Thermometer – Multi Function


For knowing what temperature and humidity your ripening fridge, cheese cave or domestic fridge is running at. Ideally have one on all places where you have cheese stored or being ripened, so you that you know that all of your temperatures are in the correct temperature range.

Reading range -50°C to +300°C and 10% to 99% RH. Comes with 1 metre cord, resolution 0.1°C, accuracy + /- 1.0°C & + /- 5% RH, alarm function (this is handy if the fridge changes temperature). The dual temperature measures the temperature in the fridge and the ambient room temperature. There is a memory function for minimum and maximum of room and fridge temperatures

Note: For day to day temperature readings it is recommended to place the digital unit on the external surface of the fridge and place the probe inside the fridge. You now have 2 reading: 1) the internal temperature of the cheese ripening fridge/cave via the temp cord and 2) external room temperature reading directly from the device (no cord is used for this reading). But by having the device placed outside on the storage device, the device takes a 3rd reading, the humidity of the outside air (but that’s not much use to you). To measure humidity of the inside of the cheese fridge or cheese storage container, place the temperature/hygrometer unit inside the cheese fridge or ripening cave. This is a $20 device so ideally do not leave the unit constantly in a high humidity environment, you need an expensive specifically designed unit for that. I recommend leaving that unit in a humid environment for no longer than 24 hours at a time. That should be enough time to take numerous humidity readings.

1 x AAA battery included