Multi Functional: 2 x Thermometers, Humidity and Clock


  • Reading range -50°C to +300°C and 10% to 99% RH.
  • Comes with a 1-metre cord, resolution 0.1°C, accuracy + /- 1.0°C & + /- 5% RH, alarm function (this is handy if the fridge changes temperature).
  • The dual temperature measures the temperature in the fridge and the ambient/room temperature.
  • There is a memory function for minimum and maximum temperatures
  • This unit is ideal for knowing the temperature and humidity of your ripening cheese fridge, cheese cave or domestic fridge
  • Move the unit between places where you have cheese stored or ripened so that you know that all your temperatures are in the correct range
  • This unit can show temperatures and humidity without having to open the fridge or cheese cave door. This is great to know those reading with a quick look at the unit
  • This unit is not waterproof. It will not function if left for long periods in a high-humidity cheese cave. To measure the humidity of the inside of the cheese cave, place the unit inside the cheese cave and only leave it there for 20 minutes, record the humidity, temperature and time and then repeat this step the following day.
  • It is recommended to place the digital unit on the fridge’s external surface and the probe inside the fridge. This will give you 3 readings
    • the internal temperature of the cheese ripening fridge/cave via the temperature cords’ metal tip
    • The room temperature reading is taken directly from the device (no cord is used for this reading)
    • humidity of the external room is also read directly from the device. (no cord is used for this reading).
  • Note, this unit is ideally not used for measuring milk temperatures during the cheese make process
  • Handy Hint: Place a small jar of water in each place where you store your cheese. To determine the running temperature of your cheese storage unit, measure the water temperature and compare the water temperature with the reading on your unit. It is good if both read the same temperature (+/- 1°C). If the readings are different, then further investigation is required. One of the units is probably not recording correctly. Note that as soon as you open the storage unit, the air temperature changes immediately; however, the temperature of water in the container is very stable

1 x AAA battery included