Thermometer – waterproof


Commercial cheesemaking standard digital thermometer.
o Range (-40°C to +300°C)
o Resolution 0.1°C
o Accuracy + /- 0.5°C
o Extra-long 150mm x 4mm stem
o Cable is Silicone and Teflon
o °C /°F Function
o Low battery indication
o Min/max function
o Magnetic back
o Auto off

• The probe is thermistor based for high accuracy, and with a screw-on locking connector on the body.
• requires two x CR2032, 3 V lithium cell button batteries, these are included with thermometer.
• Industrial food grade and waterproof thermometer, waterproof to IP68 standard, protected from high pressure water jets from any direction, protected from total dust ingress, protected from immersion up to 1 meter in depth. However, I prefer not to immerse the unit in water, but instead give the unit a wipe with and clean sanitised cloth before and after use. However, the probe should be immersed in a sanitising solution prior to use and metal probe can remain immersed in milk for the entire cheesemaking process.
• Before use, the bayonet fitting (where probe joins unit) needs to be hand tightened.
• Important: care needs to be used when holding this thermometer near a stove flame or a hot plate. The cable can dangle down and be burnt or singed, this will render the thermometer out of order.
• This thermometer gives a fast reading, is very sturdy, the 1 meter cable allows you to place the thermometer on the bench where you are making cheese but still have the probe reading the temperature of the milk.
• The probe fits easily into both the lid of the cheesemaking vat and or the thermometer bracket/holder.
• Three magnets on the back of the thermometer allow the thermometer to be fastened onto stainless steel pots and fridge doors etc.
• The thin tip gives fast accurate temperature readings.