Sonya – Find out what cheese Sonya has been making

When did you take up cheesemaking and why?
I took up cheesemaking in January 2015. I have always loved cheese and have grown up eating all types and when I found out I could learn to make my own there was no looking back.

What was the first batch of cheese you made by yourself? How did you feel about the experience and how did the cheese turn out? Can you compare your experience between then and now?
My first batch of cheese was a camembert. I was so excited that I made it the night that the cheesemaking equipment arrived. When it was mature enough to unwrap I took photos and sent them to everyone I know. It was really good – even if I do say so myself.
My experience is still the same really. Every time I make cheese or open cheese to eat I take photos and tell everyone about it. I think it is so cool unwrapping something you have made yourself and being able to give someone the gift of handmade cheese.

What sort of cheeses (& dairy products) do you make, how many times have you made cheese, why do you like making cheese and how often do you make it?
I make cheese, butter and yoghurt at least once a week as I want to build up a supply of cheeses of varying ages, mould strengths and creaminess. I also keep running out of butter because I give it away all the time. I make everything Graham has taught me from both courses except mozzarella (I am a wuss when it come to the hot water).

What is your favourite cheese(s) to make?
Washed rind brie because when it is ripe and ready to eat it is awesome

What is your advice to anyone looking to starting out on a cheesemaking journey?
Just do it, don’t stress and just enjoy the process

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