Stuart – Find out some of the incredible cheeses that Stuart has been making

Can you tell us about the first time that you made cheese by yourself and about the cheese that you made?

After I finished your cheesemaking course, I jumped straight in while the knowledge was still fresh in my mind and made a batch of four bries the next weekend. Although I stressed out a bit, worrying that I was getting everything right, they turned out great.

What is your favourite cheese(s) to make and why?

Soft cheeses like Brie, Cambozola or Washed Rind are my favourites to make, mostly because they’re the ones I like to eat!

Why do you like making cheese and how often do you make it?

I’m fascinated by foods that embody local ingredients and their environment, and cheese is a great example of that. But I also find that it’s a great creative outlet. It can be difficult to fit cheesemaking around full-time work and social obligations, but I try to set aside some time for it at least once a month.

What is the best cheese that you have made and what made it the best?

My best so far is a beer-washed rind, washed with locally made craft beer from Green Beacon, and wrapped in hop leaves. It was an idea I came up with after reading that hop leaves are edible, and was inspired by a pinot-washed rind wrapped in vine leaves from Bruny Island. I like it because it’s a perfect fusion of local ingredients and creativity, and it worked!

What is your advice to anyone looking to starting out on a cheesemaking journey?

Use the best local ingredients you can, do a course to get the basics right, and then don’t be afraid to experiment!

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